Pleased to meet you: the Canada 150 beavers have arrived.

As 2017 rolls in, Canadians across the nation will be celebrating Canada's 150th birthday for an entire year. The Kamloops Museum and Archives (KMA) is ready to celebrate and will be bringing Canadiana flair to events in Kamloops throughout 2017. 

In the meantime, these locally crafted KMA beavers, created by emerging Kamloops artist Elizabeth Pattie, are very pleased to meet you and will be spending their New Year's Eve playing cards in the museum. Keep an eye on our events calendar as we reveal the year's Canada 150 celebrations.

KMA Beavers

Artist Bio: Elizabeth Pattie

Elizabeth Pattie is an emerging painter and sculptor working in Kamloops, BC. Her artistic practice explores nostalgia, memory, melancoly, and relationships through the use of marionette puppets, stop frame animation, and painting. After losing her brother and her daughter in infancy, Pattie is particularly interested in the transitory nature of life and the complexities of the relationships we form within it. She examines and recreates intimate, fleeting memories, turning them into something new, enduring, and more approachable to a larger audience.

Pattie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Thompson Rivers University in 2013. She currently works as an art instructor and tour guide at the Kamloops Art Gallery.