To Canada, with Love comes to Kamloops!

Since 2008, Tim Van Horn has taken 54,000 portraits of Canadians across our country. He's visited remote fishing villages, small prairie towns, and metropolitan centres to document the lives of Canadians. On July 1, 2017, after eight years of travelling and building connections across the country, Tim Van Horn will reveal the Canadian mosaic - a piece truly representative of the diversity of our country.

But first... 

Tim will be in Kamloops with his pavilion! Be sure to visit Tim and his travelling pavilion on June 23, from 9 am- 6 pm. You'll have a chance to be included in this ever expanding and uniquely Canadian project.

Alongside the travelling pavilion, 

Kamloops Art Council's Rivertown Players, Downtown Kamloops' Cap Team (Interactive Games), Ta Chi (10 am-11 am), Live music (11 am-4:30 pm), Yoga (5 pm-6 pm), Arts and Crafts, Local Artisans.